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Bella is Latin for beautiful. Your true beauty emanates when you're wearing these lashes. A style that you can wear at work or school. Bella can also be your go-to lashes to run errands, attend church, have a romantic dinner, or do an outing with family and friends. No one can tell their false because they are so natural. Hola Bella!




These lashes can be worn 25+ times with tender loving care. 

  • Do not use mascara on the lash itself, only on your natural eyelashes.
  • Please do not sleep with your lashes.
  • When removing your lashes, be very¬†GENTLE. Do not¬†PULL¬†or¬†TUG¬†on them. If not removed correctly, this can cause damage to your natural eyelashes as well as damage the band.
  • Once you remove the lashes,¬†GENTLY¬†remove the adhesive and place them back in the case to keep their natural shape.