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DAMA is Latin for lady or woman. The strength and courage that a woman carries are like no other. She’s engaged, passionate, and ambitious. She could care less about pity or playing the victim. She’s rational, gentle, humble, and compassionate. This lash style speaks the fierceness of a Dama. Add her to your collection! 



These lashes can be worn 25+ times with tender loving care. 

  • Do not use mascara on the lash itself, only on your natural eyelashes.
  • Please do not sleep with your lashes.
  • When removing your lashes, be very GENTLE. Do not PULL or TUG on them. If not removed correctly, this can cause damage to your natural eyelashes as well as damage the band.
  • Once you remove the lashes, GENTLY remove the adhesive and place them back in the case to keep their natural shape.